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JASEM is insanely hard and ridiculously unforgiving low-poly twin-stick arcade blastathon set to an electronic beat and filled with bright explosions and neon effects. It's in Early Access now, contains 4 out of 5 levels and I need your feedback to finish it. JASEM is also on Steam

Do you need any reason to shoot your enemies in game? Because JASEM doesn't give you one - just you, your weapons, crazy beats and enemies. And you need to shoot every one of them, and it's up to you to make it the most hilarious and explosive way. 

So, JASEM: Just Another Shooter With Electronic music - is:
Whirlwind gameplay;
Gunfight non-stop;
Fighting enemies, no dancing around their slow bullets;
Juicy low-poly effects;
Crazy physics - you can do improvized stealth or create shortcuts;
Epic Bosses;
No story, narrative and even texts at all (except of seizure warning, because, you know, if you can warn about it without text, pls let me know).

Taking into account last item, here is the perfect place for game credits:
Game design, programming, bugs creation and a lot of stuff you don't know to know - Stas Shostak https://twitter.com/StasShostak 
Music: Ira Lobanok https://twitter.com/IraLobanok
3D-models: https://twitter.com/AleksandrPalmov
Testing, creative help, insulting of devs and other invaluable help - Max Efimov https://twitter.com/indiemaxgames , Sergey Mozharovskiy https://twitter.com/S_Mozharovskiy and other awesome guys.

System requirements:

i3 or better, 2GB RAM, Discrete GPU

Published Sep 25, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsBullet Hell, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter


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From the videos.... Very nice :).

Just yes. That is all.

Wow. Just wow. So much fun. Video out tomorrow, only suggestions are maybe a larger or more visible reticle? The laser sight is nice but the reticle gets lost pretty quickly i the mayhem. And the random starting weapons feels like a lottery, I understand that fixed starters would feel boring in comparison, but sometimes I would get a combo that felt useless for the area I was attempting. Just feedback, really loved this alpha!

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! I'm working on progress with the guns, to choose your starting guns after fail between the guns you picked up before death. And changing a visual to make hell around the player more contrast and visible, a lot of work ahead :)